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Pies in jars. You can seal them up to freeze, then pop them in the oven later!

A few years ago I made apple & cherry pies in mini mason jars as Christmas gifts.brought back memories of a happy afternoon in the kitchen.

7 ricette in barattolo da regalare! | Cambio cuoco

7 ricette in barattolo da regalare! | Cambio cuoco

Instead of cake or cupcakes, we're going to stick with our picnic theme and make personal sized pies.. Who doesn't love pie?

SO excited to share this! My DEAR friend Sara is expecting a sweet little girl in a few weeks (or sooner), so some LOVELY ladies threw her a.

Più si avvicina il Natale e più il tempo scorre veloce e non basta mai. Tutto diventa sempre più frenetico, ed il tempo per preparare i biscotti sembra essere svanito in un batter d’occhio. Accantonare definitivamente l’idea di regalare i biscotti a Natale? Certo che no! La soluzione si chiama: ...

I miei "Cantucci in a jar"- il regalo di Natale homemade facile ed economico…

Cherry Pie cooked in mason jars by Janny Dangerous

Cherry Pie cooked in mason jars- cute idea, but maybe with pumpkin or apple for the holidays?


These Brown Sugar-Glazed Turkey Meatballs pack a bite-size punch of sweet and spicy, juicy and delicious! Edit: skip the egg & breadcrumbs, use 1 tablespoon of honey instead. Cook 5 mins less than recipe & let it finish cooking in skillet/glaze.

Never Call a Marine a "jar head"! You can put useful things in jars!

Apple Pie in Jars | Cherry Pie in Jars

Apple Pie in Jars, Cherry Pie in Jars, and a fond farewell to Fun with Jars Picnic dessert

Tutorial sea glass candy

Tutorial sea glass candy

DIY: Make Your Own Sea Glass Candy Wedding Favors Sea Glass Candy is an inexpensive and fun wedding favor that will put a big, happy smile on your guests’ faces. Place candy inside a small tin, glass.