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tackey!! and creapy!!

The Skeleton Swim Suit is the latest brilliant bathing suit from Black Milk Clothing. The Skeleton Swim Suit is an instant conversation piece that is anything but the typical swim suit and makes a great gift for women who love unusual artwork.

BASIC CLEANING SCHEDULE - Need to stick to this.                                                                                                                                                      More

The Most Amazing Cleaning Schedules Ever

BASIC CLEANING SCHEDULE - WEEKLY (When I move this will be mandatory-minus the constant dishwashing and laundry doing *I only have like 4 plates and I don't need to do laundry every day*)

viria:  dead animals love Nico.   Why do even cute nico things turn out into actually-sad-nico-things? like how lonely should the kid be to talk to skeletons maaan ;___; I figured animals who are yet alive hate him because of the whole death thing.. But once dead, they find him very appealing.  the cat is probably purring with its bones. making sounds not exactly like purr but like trrr  yeah.

This is Small Bob. You cannot convince me otherwise. Because if it's Small Bob it's that much more adorable.


Hope this strikes your funny bone

Bad joke skeleton is trying to hit the funny bone. I can't even express how much I love this.

MY mistake, WRK...my mistake that I, too, bought into anything you blamed me for. Lucky me, it's all behind me after my visit to CA July 2016. Free ~ (and hate is too strong a word but the sentiment is pretty cool 1 Aug.)

My intuition warned me off when I met you but you were family, so I let you in. I don't ever go against my 'knowings' anymore. So I suppose I have you to thank.This is so true!

Pastel goth

40 Chicks With Cool Mint Dyed Hair photo Callina Marie's photos

Your life as a lie will be never be as fulfilling as a life of truth.  I don't say things out of hate...

Never destroy someone's life with a lie when yours could be destroyed by the truth.

The moments of mercy or weakness are the worst. They just make things harder for everyone. Someone wrote a fic for this awful AU and it had Papyrus steal the Rubik’s Cube after an IQ assessme...

This may be the worst idea I've ever had. * It makes a joke about spaghetti. It hates its own joke. * It tidies up the place, then immediately scatters everything again. * Its eyes flicker as it wr.

Yes, I know about some of the things you have done. You really should come down off of that high horse. You don't belong there like you are trying to pretend you do.

This image is what stops many people from honestly doing ALL 12 STEPS more than any other perception or wrong belief. A lot of people stop in here and die out there!

Sugar Skull Slip-On Shoe by Goby. http://www.zulily.com/p/beige-sugar-skull-slip-on-shoe-152761-30498299.html?tid=social_pin_iphone_shareviaicon_na_modal_0ac29d99c6e1158327ad3a7f4aa89d5f&pid=30498299&alt=alt&title=Beige+Sugar+Skull+Slip-On+Shoe&is_video=false

Goby Beige Sugar Skull Slip-On Espadrille

Goby Beige Sugar Skull Slip-On Espadrille