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  • Marketing Meze

    Quirky low cost lighting idea - you could substitute books for something more relevant to you brand (

  • Lemonity +

    McNally Jackson Bookstore Cafe by Front studio I like the book-cloud, the light fixtures and the way the make those ordinary chairs a little bit more comforatble. It seems a very pleasant place to hang around for some hours reading books and drinking coffee. via Contemporist

  • Sonmez Hennesey

    McNally Jackson Cafe by Front Studio Architects #cafe #restaurant #interior #books #design

  • Natalie Hansen

    sustainable design, green design, bookstore, recycled books, old books, recycled materials, green interior design, interiors, McNally Jackson Books - This reminds me of the interior at Chipotle.

  • studio lumen

    Ceiling Design McNally Jackson cafe and bookstore

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Maybe drill them together, glue an owl to some old books, then spray paint the whole thing as a sculpture.

i love this so much. does anyone know any more about this house? i can't seem to find where it originated. crushculdesac.tum...

This is what my stack of books from the library looks like right now.

"The Book Exchange," by GmanViz, via Flickr -- From the tags, this appears to be in Lancaster, Ohio.

Untitled, 2011 © Katie KING (Photographer, Student. Macon, Georgia) aka {katie}, via Flickr ... Keep attribution & artist site link when repinning or reposting. The LAW requires the copyright holder be credited." per wiki. COPYRIGHT LAW REQUIREMENTS: HOW TO FIND the ORIGINAL WEB SITE of an image:

I walk out of the library with this many books and some random stranger says: "Are you going to READ all those?!" Really? what else would I do with them?

IMG_6490 by brightcd, via Flickr lighting

Ceiling enchantment—- some tissue paper or silk flowers tumbling from up above; could also go on a wall or vanity.

This is why David and I need to keep all our books--even Twilight. Someday we could build an archway with them.

one of the cleverest, but useful, things i've ever seen. true that.

amazing book nook.-->I might be distracted from reading here. I'd rather enjoy the light and ocean.