End of Year Gift - "You have all the Pieces you need to be a Smartie" - free labels for K/1/2/3 and generic next year

Easy End of Year Student Gift - FREE Printable!

End of Year Treats

End of the year gift

End of year gift for students

FREE End of the year printable for kdg. through 4th grade.

Owl Miss You End of the Year Gift Idea - Draw this image on a piece of paper and wrap it around your choice of candy bar.

End of the year student gifts

End of the year gift for students

End of the Year gifts for students

Cute end of year gift

Cute end of the year gift for students

Fantastic idea! As an end of the year gift I bought my students beach-balls , they collected classmates signatures..we had a "ball"

Cute attention grabbers...a little over 1-2-3 eyes on me

get a free printable that to put on a jump rope - give as an end of the school year gift to friends

End of the year poem/pillowcase.

will try this again this year

end of year student gifts or for beginning have it say "let's have a cool year"

Beginning of the Year Treat