Freezing buttermilk cubes. What a great idea because I never use a whole carton!!!!!!!

freezing eggs can be kept up to a year...just thaw at room temp and use as normal.---is this for real!

Find out How to Freeze Cream Cheese. Stock up when they are on sale and save! #cookingtips #budgettips

Heavy cream substitute - Save time and money making your own.Lots of times a recipe calls for heavy cream and I don't have any but I always have these two ingredients.

How to Freeze Lemons or Limes from If you come across a great buy on lemons or limes and want to save some for later use, they can be frozen.

Colander for Drying Cake Pops

The Shelf Life of Food

brillant!!! "Cream of Something" substitute for all those recipes that call for condensed "cream of" soups. Sorry Campbells, I won't need you anymore. Or your high prices. Or your high salt & fat content.

I had no idea you could freeze all of this stuff!

Lemon Ice cubes! Great idea to add to your water. via - great blog

Good to know -> How to Properly Freeze Fruits & Veggies | Design Mom

How to Freeze Buttermilk - Reduce waste and always have some on hand!

Such a great idea!! Bag o' lemonade - perfect for the beach! Freeze it first and take to beach and squeeze to make it slushy.

How to correctly store produce, from Apples to Zucchini. Most of your produce will last weeks longer.

Freezing whole tomatoes (I never knew!)

Freeze tomato paste in the can. Open both ends and punch out the paste. Wrap the frozen paste in foil and freeze, then slice off what you need as you need it :)

25 clever ideas to make life easier via

How to do freezer meals, how to start a freezer meal cooking group, how to shop for freezer meal cooking, plus a ton of freezer meal recipes!

Cream of Soup Mix - This recipe mix is so easy to make and easy to store so you don't have to make it every time you need a "Cream of..." soup mix. I made up a batch today to add to my Chicken Pot Pie I'm making for supper later. (I've seen a lot of these recipes and this one looks the best and most practical.)

suggestions on what to make when you deliver meals to people.