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The Sunflower - This book is regarding the question of offering forgiveness written by a Jewish Holocaust Victim

Reminds me of a quote my high school psych teacher used to always say, "He who angers you controls you." I'm not sure if she said it or if someone else did but I've remembered it all these years and love it.

I may get hurt every time but if I don't forgive those who hurt me then I'm not being who Gods call me to be. Call me crazy but I believe in first, second, third, millionath chances. After all, I wonder where I'd be if God didn't feel the same.

I try for my daughter's sake. I refuse to let my mistakes or past feelings get in the way of being the best mother I can be. She is my life. Everything I did has led me to her, so I can't regret the decisions I made only the way I made them. I have forgiven myself for hurting the one person that will always hold a special part in my life.

Forgiveness is not something we do for other people. We do it for ourselves to get well and move on.

When I don't forgive, I tear down the bridge that I must cross to get to the other side where healing is.

Yes! So many people think that holding grudges makes them "cool" or "hard" well news flash! That's not the case. By not forgiving others, you're choosing not to follow God's word. Take a min. & reflect on that. Maturity takes time but God's word is and always will be there.

Really good advice. It is truly depressing listening to the negativity, or holding on to negativity. Forgive and move onward. Stop letting your hurts hurt you and those around you.

So many problems today that are labeled "mental" issues have deep roots in the sin of unforgiveness. No amount of prescription drugs will ever take the guilt away that we harbor from not forgiving others. Forgiveness is powerful! I know from experience!

Prayer of forgiveness. Apologize for your wrongs, forgive the wrongs of others and finally live in peace.

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