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I think all design students should have the opportunity to travel throughout Europe. The architecture, much of which is over 200 years old, is very unique, very beautiful, very these buildings in Ghent, Belgium.

Ghent, Belgium. Henry Lundt Malter this turned up on my feed serendipitously. one month from today we'll check it out for ourselves. xo

Ghent, Belgium Run by the 8th generation of this family of confectioners, glass jars filled with sweets line up behind the counter of this old-fashioned sweet shop, which has been in its current location since 1904. All of its sweets are made by the family's factory, including typically Belgian neuzekes (hard, triangular cherry-red 'noses' filled with soft jelly) and mokke (aniseed biscuits).

Belgium | Ghent ( website | facebook | projects | ruminations | photoblog | twitter )

Ghent, Belgium been here absolutely beautiful

Ghent, Belgium. Belgium makes me think of my first serious crush.

:: Raja Ampat, Papua, Indonesia. i was searching for indonesian pinners but ending up with these pictures of my country. It's beautiful.

Dusk, Ghent, Belgium photo via hiroshi

Himschoot Bakery | Ghent - Tradition of the local bakery shop - long gone from city and town in most places but the window view exist in our memory, in this local shop it still exists. LOVE this it bring back so many fond memories of visiting our local Bakery as a child. This is where the Cookie Club started, wish I was a kid again....dh