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    I Find Your Lack Of Bass Disturbing

    Just sayin...

    because I'm pretty?


    Game of Thrones will really surprise people next season when in the ninth episode they kill off actual viewers.

    Renly Baratheon cosplay

    Cat of Thrones

    Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. game of thrones

    Ruggedly handsome, intellectual, adventurous and rocks a bowtie. I've only just realised that Indiana Jones is both my dream man and role model..

    What Happens in Game of Thrones

    If you could make your own house motto and sigil what would they be?

    I LOVE You Like a Hobbit Loves SECOND Breakfast Mug

    Downton Abbey Addicts: Search results for downton abbey funnies

    game of thrones game of thrones game of thrones

    you just got Faramir'd

    Carrie and Harrison

    Chekov List

    Describe the hobbit in a simple sentence

    “I’ve often thought, and I’ve said this before whenever asked, ‘where do you think Zoe is, how do you think that story would continue?’ and I always say I was pregnant in Serenity. I was pregnant, and I was pregnant with Wash’s child. I do think that somewhere there is this beige, curly red-haired child running around the verse.” - Gina Torres

    One of the most beautiful lines in the book. I have ALWAYS loved the two of them. After all that Faramir went through, and all the friendzoning Aragorn did to Eowyn, I was always so glad they found each other.

    YES. I would watch the heck out of this show.

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