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    A Guide to Pet Vaccines - #Pet parents know that our furbabies​ are often as prone to #illness as we humans are. Good pet #health often requires that our animals are vaccinated against harmful diseases like rabies and distemper, as well as various lesser-known maladies. If you’re new to pet ownership, it can be difficult to know how to take care of a pet. Use this guide to navigate the world of #animal immunizations and ensure that your #dog or #cat stays happy and healthy. [ Blog]

  • Christi G

    Can my friend come in, too? #dog #raccoon #cute #funny

  • Missy Rose

    Knock, Knock ... Can my friend come in, too? My dog would totally do this

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aww! lol...this for my Lindsey Lindsey Grande Grande Grande Grande Compton

I don’t always bark at night but when I do it’s for no reason…. |

Awww Moment of the Day: This was taken in a Vets office where the pup was not so happy being there so his "Daddy" stepped in and made everything ok...

My husky Damian used to scare so many people but he was such a lovey..miss him so much.

Best friends. here to find out more

"We always feed our dogs at 5pm. I tried to explain daylight savings time to them. They took it pretty ruff." ~ Dog Shaming shame - Beagle

and the best friends are the ones who love you just as you are... | The 30 Most Inspiring Interspecies Friendships Of The Year

dog house with loft. Just have to keep it back from the fence so she doesn't try to jump over it!

It's time for my dog's rabies shot and I scheduled her visit while she was sitting in my lap and she squeaked and ran under the bed. IDK why. When she comes back she is as full as a tick with dog treats.

Seriously?! If cats and birds can do it, maybe there's hope for us all...

Giraffe and Ostrich friends - Interspecies bond. And animals have no feelings..PSH YES they do!