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Got this idea from Pinterest and decided to recreate it! Easy way for the kids to see what is planned for the week :)

Love the storage built-in under the beds.

Stay Organized! Photo frames, with decorative paper and a day of the week inside. Then use a dry erase marker to write what's coming up during the week!

See these gates? Use them to keep your dogs in or out of a room instead of a baby gate! LOOKS GREAT!!! :) Lowes has them in different widths and heights :)

Rope light attached under cabinets, great night light for kids bathroom!

ceiling tiles from lowes, and more ideas than I can write down

Things can get crazy in the laundry room, separating before doing it makes everything easier #LaundryRoom

Picture wall ideas.

Love this setup should I ever need 2 beds in 1 room

how to create a patterned Chalkboard Refridgerator! DIY and sooooooo beautiful!

Whole wall remodel to restore Craftsman aesthetic to living room. New windows created, bookshelves built, fireplace box built out and tiled with stone, gas connection brought and new fireplace insert installed.

How to clean your TOP LOADING washer - yep just spent 100 bucks for the technician to come out and tell us that the funky smell was there because we hadnt cleaned our washer