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Just use a magnet on a string (or just hold it in your hand). The magnet will be attracted to the nails which will tell you where the stud is. Brilliant!


A cuff from a discarded dress or shirt! Brilliant!

Ever had a pair of pants that the zipper wouldn't stay zipped? Brilliant!

that's quite brilliant. must do.

Use Dollar Store garment bag for a spray tent... This is seriously genius.

nail polish crafts

Use a paper cup to catch debris when drilling into the ceiling.


add magnets to vintage or cute tins after using them.


Use packing peanuts to hold a nail, and keep your fingers out of the way.... just pulls right off when you're done.

Thumb tack and magnet with whatever you want to decorate with. GENIUS! Great for a girl's room.

Hold a small nail with a bobby pin to avoid hammering your fingers. | 24 Cool And Inexpensive Bobby Pin DIYs

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How to Fill Nail Holes | Budget Savvy Diva

35 things i can't believe i didn't know!

Bobby pins on a magnetic strip!

Stop tweezers from going astray by installing a magnet on the inside of the medicine cabinet and they will always be at your fingertips

this is a magnet strip in the medicine cabinet for bobby pins to stick on. blogger says she has never lost a pin yet.

Clear nail polish has a million uses. One is, if coated onto the threads of a button, to keep it from unraveling!