Stuff you didn't know about Toy Story. <3

did you know? I sure did!! Saw a lot of this when Billy and I flew to Alabama last summer! scary when you're up there trying to dodge them!

A hidden message in movie "Toy story"

Didn't notice the first two

Fun Movie Facts You Probably Didn’t Know – 20 Pics

Toy story

Just get out there and eat cheese

True story...

the office

The official end of my childhood

On the bottom, Mr. Ray from nemo in toy story 3 and Boo from monsters inc. in toy story 3!!! MIND BLOWN!!!

Apparently Disney Pixar workers confirmed that Boo is in toy story 3. Mind. Blown. AND... She's playing with a BLUE KITTY!!!!

"The party don't start 'til I walk in." | Toy Story

Another 21 Disney movies facts that will blow your mind. I had no clue about the majority of these.

Cool Disney Facts

Toy Story 3

Lion King/Tangled haha

Nerd Alert!

Admission was $3.50 on Disney World's opening day. Why isn't it still? :)