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#makeup #nastiordie ways to apply liquid liner, 3

  • Madalina Hayky

    @Cheryl McPhee I want to get an eyeliner tattoo too! This is my eye and I can say I hate the fact that I don't have eyelashes. I tried the eyelash extensions and they hurt me a lot (my eyes are super sensitive). All I can do is wear fake eyelashes from time to time...:(

  • Linds Lotus

    Madalina- have you tried Rapid Lash or Latisse(sp)? They are miracle workers!

  • Cheryl McPhee

    @ Emmy,I hope that's not true, I hate pain lol,I am getting mine done in 3 days.I know a gal that had it done,she said they use a numbing cream...@ Madalina,must be the glue they use,I think they have different types of glue,maybe look into that..

  • Cheryl McPhee

    @ Emmy, we numb the area here with a cream apparantly.I don't like @ Madalina it must be the glue they use, I presume.Maybe ask for a sensitive type glue?

  • Cheryl McPhee

    apparantly the eyeliner tatoo fades here in Aus and you need to get it re done,every two yrs...

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#makeup #nastiordie ways to apply liquid liner, 2

  • Delaney O'Neill

    Lori Wendell- i had the exact same problem as you but i just kept searching and what i found out is that you shouldn't use the kind that has a brush but you should definently use the ones that have a felt so much better, it is easier to apply and stays on through my long days! :)

  • Lori Wendell

    @ delaney thanks I really thought I tried that but will do it again

  • Nicole Elliott

    Estee Lauder double wear liquid eye liner is amazing... literally stays on all day and night:)

  • Denice Penman

    I am the same can not get it to stay on

  • Sophia Kang

    i would recommend trying on urban decay's eyeshadow primer before applying eyeliner. works great for me :)

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#makeup #nastiordie ways to apply liquid liner, 5

#makeup #nastiordieways to apply liquid liner, 6

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love this. time to start experimenting.

the magic of an eyeliner by aurelisabel

Do You Know There are 6 Ways to Apply Eyeliner? In the process of makeup, eyeliner gives a significant impact; different ways of applying the eyeliner would create a different look! There are 6 ways to apply eyeliner, which one suite you the most? 你知道六大眼线的画法吗? 在化妆的过程中,眼线起着至关重要的作用,不同的眼线画法可以勾勒出不同的眼形,也可以让妆容更适合自己。以上是六种眼线的画法,找出适合自己的那一种,化个美美的妆,出去郊游吧~