Sourdough Science

Sour dough starter- from scratch

Gluten free sourdough starter

sourdough bread

DIY Sourdough Starter - this one looks easier than the 'herman' type sourdough starter.

Sweet Hawaiian Yeast Bread

Inventor Kit

Free online Science lessons/activities for kids (astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth science, physics and even some math!)

Clay's Multi-Grain Sourdough Sandwich Bread: King Arthur Flour

How to feed your natural yeast starter for a lifetime of FREE bread yeast (and many other treats)!!!

Foolproof Sourdough Starter

5th grade science experiment with "Quicksand"....lots of great nonfiction writing ideas that can follow

Little House in the Big Woods...preserving the harvest: Pumpkin Butter

How to make Onion Lover's Twist - a braided yeast bread with tasty onion filling. #braidedbread

Make sourdough bread...and learn some colonial history and modern science in the process!


Science Experiments for Middle School Students Step by Step Guide

This crispy crusted bread has a soft, warm center with little crannies that are perfect for dipping into butter, soups, dips, and more!

Sourdough bread starter

Activities: Make a Homemade Hand Warmer!

Glacier Gak: tomorrow's science activity!