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I might try it, but not sure if the mail man would appreciate it to be so heavy. Maybe a smaller box full of rocks.

"as if I wasn't enough of a freak, let's add a tiara!”

Except at Baylor... its all the frat boys getting shoved in the face

I'm not *into* Ryan Lochte, but i've seen his funny or die bits and they're funny. This just makes me laugh each time i see it!

but seriously story of my life

For real. What did my parents let me listen to? Frankie goes to hollywood's "relax". OMG at 22 with my dad in the car and I stooped in the middle of the song and my dad says ," oh you get it now do you". Whyyyyyyyyyy?

I love this! I about fell out of my chair laughing when I saw this episode!

Mean Girls disney princesses! hahaha

You can't just go around asking people why they have legs!- This is the most beautiful thing I've seen