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    Best joke ever!

    So there is a card like this a target. I bought it for my RD to cheer her up and give a few giggles Lawls


    I have a certain number of children's books, that cannot be read to children.

    Still laughing.

    What If I’m Sexy And...who am I kidding? Of COURSE I'm sexy, and I darn well know it too! Lol

    I find this so freaking hilarious... And I have no clue why. Like, I honestly can not stop laughing...

    So funny!



    disney love awww

    haha too funny


    HA! Funny!

    I laughed out loud at this...

    Ok, seriously H, i laughed at this out loud harder than any pin I've done so far….I fear i'm done for.

    Still my favorite thing on the Internet

    Hahah!! :)

    I cannot stop laughing right now

    Dude...forget a time capsule...lets just bury a chest with a random picture of a sheep on a rock. ;)