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In Case of Emergency – ICE cell phone numbers.

ICE - In Case of Emergency, your contact person to call if you are in an emergency

Preparedness Pantry - Food Storage, Emergency Preparedness, Emergency Kits, Water Storage: Camping

Preparedness Pantry - Food Storage, Emergency Preparedness, Emergency Kits, Water Storage: From Dawn: Organizing Your Food Storage Binder

Disaster Preparedness for the budget conscious.

Top 10 Tips For Emergency Preparedness on a Budget

Getting started with emergency preparedness and food storage doesn't have to blow your budget. Read these ten tips on how you can get started right now!

Prepared NOT Scared!: Preparedness Project - Family Emergency I.D. Cards and More!

(Modify slightly). "Preparedness Project - Family Emergency I. Cards and More! Great for Cub Scout achievement 4 or Webelos Readyman. I think you should put a set of the childs finger prints on the back of the Child ID cards too.

The Top 101 Items to Disappear First During a National Emergency

In addition to food reserves, these are items that will be incredibly valuable if the supply chain breaks down due to a terrorist attack, a natural disaster or other national emergency. Good list to have to build up our stockpile. es, we're preppers :)

Emergency Survival Kit (important documents & binder ideas; part of a series)

How to create a complete emergency important documents grab and go binder.

Survival Kit Series Week Important Documents - Your Own Home Storejj Great free printables and an awesome 26 week plan step by step to get your 72 hour kit together.

This is a post a wrote a few years ago, but I added one new item at the bottom. It is vital we learn to how to be storing water to sustain life. Many times…

Storing Water-How To Be Prepared For the Unexpected

Best Food for Catastrophic Emergency Events and why you should store/deepen your pantry

Best Food for Catastrophic Emergency Events: dehydrated canned food bars, rice, dried nuts, MREs, canned fruits/vegs + junk food have a long shelf life

Very doable family emergency preparedness kit.  Items are broken down by the week to buy over a year.

Lovely Little Snippets: Emergency Preparedness Kit {week-by-week} Great way to get an emergency kit together a little at a time!

15 Emergency Numbers You Need to Have in Your Cell -  By Shelle | November 22, 2013 | Emergency

15+ Emergency Numbers You Need to Have in Your Cell

15 Emergency Numbers to Have in Your Cell. Consider have these numbers in hard copies in case your cell phone dies. May also want the numbers in your evacuation kits.

72 hour kit for emergency preparedness. Good ideas... by Helen Mata

72 hour kit for emergency preparedness Homemade MRE or perfect for a few days of camping. Great idea, what happens if you only have 10 min to grab what you need for a few days? Be prepared. Water, Food , Shelter the Big Three.