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The prairie always takes back her own.

October in the backcountry.


Sawtooths, Idaho


Zoetic -- sterling & American turquoise

Come as you are.

Heart in hand. [American Indian handcraft]

Old & New

Turning ten this year and still covering big country like a son of a gun. #germanshorthairedpointer

At work in the office. #idaho

Little girl in the big world. #idaho

One Foot Firmly Planted -- New Mexico

Girl Dog Truck -- last of the sunset in the North Cascades.

Jumpship at sunset -- North Cascades Smokejumper Base, Washington #smokejumper

Beach Bum

Alone but never lonely: the inuksuk, the Canadian Rockies and me.

Summer Lace

Home Sweet Home

Little Girl on the Prairie

Under a prairie sky. #airstream

Streaming mightily through Saskatchewan. #Airstream


#poler #polerstuff #campvibes

to the north cascades in washington -- our second home