Pretty lame...... but of course I laughed

Laughed way too hard at this.... - more funny stuff:

just gotta dance

Funny yet full of puns!

Awwww!! lol

Snowman Snow Scarecrow - How To Keep Kids Out of Your Yard This Winter ---- hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart humor fails -- Someone did this in Sweetser this past winter lol

Bwa-ha-ha!! Can't stop stupid...yet so funny...

Yay animals!

I love puns

Happiest Animal Alive

Puns will never get me

aah, puns.

sarcastic or ridiculously corny...there seems to be no in between for my sense of humor....

Animals are just too darn funny!

funny animal pictures


I totally remember doing this!



i can't stop laughing at the second frame! :D