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His highly-detailed drawings are often quite large, and may remind some of the works of Ernst Fuchs in their intricate, and nearly obsessive rendering. Despite the grim overtones, he claimed some of these paintings were misunderstood; in his opinion.

.Kailey Nicole. - the california gypsy - Welcome to my 3 ring circus. A museum of my mind if you will... i am a collector...of photographs, antique keys, animal bones, agates, apothocary jars,...

This is a reproductiontaken from my original watercolor, titled "Gypsy Moon" Reproduction size is x unmatted. Packed with cardboard and wrapped in plastic so it will make it to your home safely! party involved in reproduction)

Yajuro Takashima(高島野十郎 Japanese からすうり - fascinating... I wonder if those are kumquats... makes me think of easter eggs though, but at this time of the year, with only three weeks to Ostara, I would be thinking of Ostara :-D