Pink poppies!  So happy looking. :-)

Pink oriental poppies and lady's mantle. Ladies Mantle is one of those plants that make everything near it look more beautiful.

Papaver 'Princess Victoria Louise'

This is a definite someday! I miss poppies Papaver Princess Victoria Louise. Had these 20 years ago befor my yard got so shaded. Going to start a sun garden this year and have to remember how much I love these interplanted with Iris.

Pink Astilbe - Easy Flowers Garden

Top 10 Flowers That Bloom all Year

Mass planting of Pink Astilbe - Easy Care Perennial

Purple Profusion with Nepeta, chives, salvia

Clamshell Alley - Rustic - Landscape - portland maine - by Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design LLC.

Rosa Nachtkerzen sind sehr gut für trockene, sonnige Standorte geeignet

Dauerhaft schön – trotz Hitze und Trockenheit

Rosa Nachtkerzen sind sehr gut für trockene, sonnige Standorte geeignet

Like a lot of gardeners, I peruse Pinterest and see photos that offer inspirational design ideas and plant combinations. One, a garden bed filled with Allium ‘Globemaster’ surrounded by…

Printemps Allium ‘Globemaster’ Buxus sempervirens ‘Suffruticosa’ Les Jardins Agapanthe 76 France - Garden Tips and Tricks

Lawn Alternatives  Lawn is a maintenance-intensive addition to a backyard. Minimize yours by creatively using groundcover.

Boost Your Low-Maintenance Landscaping and Backyard

No More Mowing: 10 Grass-Free Alternatives to a Traditional Lawn: Creeping Jenny Ground Cover

'A Growing Obsession Garden' with Cosmos, Salvia and roses.

'A Growing Obsession Garden' with Cosmos, Salvia and roses. can't beat green, pink, white and blue

Doors of Perception

MajesticViewsAroundTheGarden: Foxglove, snapdragon, roses and daisies - charming!


Cottage garden plants- foxgloves, rose , cow parsley - My Cottage Garden

Lavender and rose, so classically beautiful / Lavendel und Rosen gemeinsam im Beet, verträumter Gartenklassiker

Gorgeous backyard garden from Howard Rice Garden Photography.

bißchen Farbe im (Halb-) Schatten

Tulips, geranium, hostas and ferns are anchored by the large box ball.

Foxglove - bees love it.

Wish my astilbes looked that lovely - Sincere Gardening

3052 Top 10 Flowers That Bloom all Year/ Astils rose

This gorgeous Astilbe thrives in the shade! More of the best perennials for shade:

Our Favorite Shade Garden Perennials

Enjoy the feathery plumes of Astilbe in early summer. This tough perennial blooms in shades of burgundy, red, pink, lavender, and white.

Candy Stripe Cosmos -

Cosmos - Easy Care Annual That Does Not Mind Poor Soil -

Candy Stripe Cosmos: All cosmos are fabulous annuals that always re-seed the next year, and bloom their selves crazy until frost! Delightfully airy, fern-leafed, and tall. depending on variety. Need little water and full sun!