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    ... and breathe ...

    Breath in joy and strength. Breathe out wisdom and peace.

    "breathe & smile; it's a brand new day!"

    Have Faith. Breathe Peace. Know Mercy

    A reminder that an immaculate conception is growing in you too Be it an idea, a dream or a driven purpose, your divine gift is holy and inteneded to heal the world

    I believe, I leap, I soar ...

    SLOW down and take a deep breath.

    "you aren't in the world; the world is in you."

    settle into the pause of each breath...and be one with stillness.

    "today i stop. i breathe deep and rest. with grateful tears i weep...because i have come so far."

    Anne's paper fun: 52 Card Pickup

    "getting quiet is always good. in the stillness, clarity emerges. in the breath, the answers reveal themselves. and in the in-between, there is peace."

    "relax and enjoy. meditate and feel. chant and sing. breathe and smile. laugh and play. create and envision. let go, forgive and accept. exercise and move. serve and contribute. listen and learn. consider and reflect. cultivate oneself. be content. lighten up. celebrate and appreciate..."

    Beautiful bird!

    Life Is A Great Big Canvas.... Throw All The Paint U Can! ♥

    Hey you! Are ya Thinking good thoughts? Some-days we need this gentle reminder!!

    Art-enables by marynbtol, via Flickr

    You Are Confined Only By The Walls You Build Yourself: Print. $17.00, via Etsy.

    Wonderful World ©dianeduda/dudadaze