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Bucketlist: have a dog for its entire life. We got Sushi and Waffles as puppies so not quite their entire life.

I think i done put this.. but its a big one!

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I love puppies!

bucket list: adopt a puppy (from a shelter).or an other dog who was neglected or abused.

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I want a daughter who will nurture and love people. A daughter who will be sweet and kind. I want a little girl who I can teach to be a woman. Nobody ever taught me how to be a woman, so teaching a daughter will be very fulfilling.

Been there, done that. Want to do it again.

Hawaii my dream vacation place!

OMG I want to do that so Bad

Love this whole page! All about mermaids. Pinned pic- real mermaid in the blue sea

I want to do this!!!@dustinhunt331

slow dance in the rain! My dream is that to be my first dance even if I have to fake the rain!

Once I have graduated from University, I hope to adopt and raise a puppy. I have always wanted to be able to call a dog mine and get the opportunity to teach it tricks and learn to behave. I also think this would be the first step in learning if I am ready to become a parent!

My baby will always be my YURI whom I've raised since she was 8 weeks old and fit in the palm of my hand. She'll soon be going on her first plane ride in a few weeks.

Did this in saint Augustine when Lee proposed to Kristen

Bucket List: witness a wedding proposal. Check- at Disneyland!

Bucket list: give a shelter pet a loving home. it makes me so sad when animals get treated like this STOP ANIMAL HARMING I WILL ALWAYS RESCUE JANICE MARIE

Give a Shelter Pet a Home

Bucket list: give a shelter pet a loving home. it makes me so sad when animals get treated like this STOP ANIMAL HARMING! i swear i will get EVERY cat and dog at the nearest animal shelter.