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LOVING these, only on #2 Cant wait to finish!

I like to say thank you Susan. She told me all about this very powerful interview. I just hope everybody watch this with an open mind and heart. Now I have to be honest it took me a minute. For what Van Jones was saying to be able to do. But I have great respect for Van Jones and Trevor Noah they are two very smart brother. But Van Jones said some very powerful things that once they sunk in and I truly understood them. I was like you know what he has a very good point. It is hard for us to…

Monday Sales Tripod – Bourbon, Brooks Brothers Extra 25% off, UK Made Shoes, & More

Monday Sales Tripod Bourbon Brooks Brothers Extra 25% off UK Made Shoes & More The Thursday Handfuls are great but what if Monday (or Tuesday) rolls around and there are a few sales that cant wait til the weekend? Youll find three of the best with a fewpicks from each to start the week below. Expect these with zero regularity. #1. Brooks Brothers: Extra 25% off sitewide w/ DECBC16 Soft Construction Wool Sportcoat in Fitzgerald or Milano Fit $235.25($448) Fitzgerald Fit Wool/Silk…

Michael Kors Selma Medium micro stud bag

Michael Kors studded messenger bag I think this is a studded Selma messenger bag. It is black with gun metal studs and hardware. It is in good used condition. I wore it maybe 5 times but I have to have a crossbody and this one doesn't work as that for me. There are some scratches on the back and little wear on handles. 2 little scuff marks on one side. Right bottom front there are 2 scuff marks. I can post more pics. This is an awesome purse but I just can't wear it. No studs are missing…

Sending morning kiss... listening to you... I can't help but smile and laugh and you steal my heart a little more every time... Every part of my being loves every part of your being... I hope God throws things in your path today that somehow make you think of me in a loving way.. so you'll know my heart is there right next you... from the girl in 2 places but her heart is in one... next to you... hands on face... <3

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Pink x Black strapless formal dress

Pink x Black strapless formal dress. Size small but too big on me ( i'm 0/2) so i think this is more like 2/4 . I'm 5'5 28 C-24-34 to give you an idea. Perfect for any events, it comes with a scurf? Thingy you can see in the last picture. It's right below my knee. Worn once. There is a very small orangish color stain that you can't really see unless you pay super close attention. I'm sure dry cleaner can remove it if you want it gone. Dresses Strapless

This is SO me, except I'm barely across the line and am a "P." I'm right down the middle, actually. I am everything, and I am nothing.

That look right there is classic Bucky Barnes. He's doing literally everything he can - at his expense - to make sure Steve knows it will be okay. I can't. My heart just can't.<< MGVDS cHGC\ghcfcgfghcBBCFDSVHDC SDVGFGEGehrhfbevd

The problem with being introverted is that there is no polite way of saying "I love you but I'm tired of being with you right now."