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Full back flower tattoo


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Love the flowers. Love the water color. Love the tattoo.

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Realistic Rose Tattoo Black And White

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Shaded Rose Tattoo

Rose Flower Tattoo On Foot-I asked Reid to do this for me and he did, I find it quite beautiful.

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Something similar to this to pull my anchor tattoo on my ribs & my initial tattoo on my stomach into one piece that extends down my thigh, but maybe dogwood instead of roses.


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Cherry tree Flower Tattoo.... I'm in love :-P

Rose Tattoo Thigh Hip

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Floral Hip Tattoo

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Black And White Roses Tattoo On Shoulder

Roses On Ribs Tattoo

Lily And Lace Tattoo

Tat Roses

Small Rose Tattoo On Shoulder

i'm getting more and more interested in getting a few black and white roses on my shoulder.. but idk if i can pull it off. plus i've seen soo many girls with the roses.. i was thinking about maybe lilies cuz they're my favorite flower. i just love how the roses look though -.-

Flowers by Dezdemon.comfrom Flowers by

Actual red tattoo - watercolor look. Seems a little faded, but has potential. I

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Love the flower

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Small Rose Tattoo

Gorgeous thigh tattoo by Pat Whiting