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    "Remember who you are" Lion the quote

    God is still working on me. - love the placement.

    Love the quote and placement!


    some days I need this to remind myself to smile, cause everything will be okay in the end.

    Want a wrist tattoo

    I love spine tattoos.

    This is my second tattoo, freshly done by Zanto in Haarlem, The Netherlands. It’s a quote from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman graphic novel Fables & Reflections. It fits really well with my first tattoo, 3 birds on my wrists.

    "Feel beautiful" gorgeous script

    Let me be patient, let me be kind, make me unselfish without being blind. I may have faith to make mountains fall, but if I lack love then I am nothing at all.

    always remember who you are

    Apparently, this is a quote from 'The Lion King', but my mom used to say this to me growing up, so this would be for her.

    Her husband was in the military and he always said it was bad luck to get a loved one’s name tattooed on them, so in his memory, she got part of his ‘if I don’t come home’ letter tattooed on her. It says, “Just remember, no matter what, that I love you more than any other person who has ever been loved. Never doubt that.”

    elvish (not all those who wander are lost) lord of the rings ♥ ♥ ♥

    Need to remember this.

    Always Remember #ink #tattoo #quote #quotes

    The Lion King has always been my favorite Disney movie...this was one of the most important messages of the movie, though I didn't see its depth until I was grown up.