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Spring/Easter Decor - Just add eggs!

Just Add Ice Orchids at the Cleveland Botanical Garden "Orchid Mania" Show 2011

How to Water Just Add Ice Orchids

Elegant Double Orchid Planter Adds Color to Any Room

Growing Basil from Cuttings - I never knew this!

Spring Home Decor

Talk about a clever idea: willow switches just stuck in the ground will bend easily (after all we weave baskets from them) and sprout with little encouragement. Just twisting the twigs, holding them together with string or twist ties, until they are growing well, will give a charming, but less formal look. [by sarahgb(theoriginal), via Flickr]

just add ice Orchid | Air roots climbing from the top of your Just Add Ice Orchid pot are ...

Just Add Ice Orchids are still simple in an orchid garden or orchid planter. 3 ice cubes per week per plant.

Spring Home Decor

Light purple Just Add Ice orchid compliments teal furnishings and bedding

Spring Home Decor

just add ice Orchid | Just Add Ice Orchid Photos

A double orchid planter can add life to your bathroom

Add an elegant, sculptural presence to any interior with the graceful silhouette of the handcrafted Phalaenopsis Orchid in Glass Bowl. Perfect for a dining room centerpiece

Orchid Planter Care ;just add ice orchids

Just add ice orchids.

Spring Home Decor

Just Add Ice Orchids will flourish in an environment with bright, in-direct light.

growing orchids...

Spring Home Decor