Food Storage Friday ~ What I Store In My Garage…

Great way to store food that doesn't stack well, like tuna pouches, powdered sugar, & small containers of spices. These container drawers would work great for 1st aide items too.

6 Reasons to Stockpile Blankets |

Easily Stored Barter Items to Stockpile #Preppers should look at this and get some for trade in an extended crisis where you'll find yourself short on something critical but have a means of exchange to get it ... no one will just give it to you free in a real crisis.

Food Storage Week #1 in January/June. Accumulate 14 gallons of emergency water per person. This is about 4x24 ct. cases of 16.9 oz. bottles. If you refill your bottles, change them every 6 months. Commercially bottled water can be stored indefinitely.

Prepping doesn't have to cost a lot of money when you know how to look for bargains. Garage sales are a great place to scoop up items you might need.

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How and Why to Store Salt

How to properly store gasoline to use during an emergency and how much you need. Great blog for food storage and emergency preparedness!

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Five items you MUST have in your food storage! Store only these five items and your family could survive long term! Visit our blog for recipes & more info. www.dealstomeals....

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Types of Grain to Store & other food storage topics

If you want to get your food storage going, check out this site! She has it all broken down by weeks! Way cool!

Non-food items to stock up on

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Things You're Not Storing, But Should Be

Emergency Poncho- FAMILY STOREHOUSE- These ponchos are made of brightly colored P.V.C. for high visibility and safety. They store flat and take up very little storage space. One Size fits all.

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