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Brad Self-Portrait Composite by BradIdo ...

Brad Self-Portrait Composite by Brad Ido

Beautiful animal photography showing confidence. Helpful motivation to support tips, activities and worksheets on how to self confidence and confidence building, including for women. Works well with motivational quotes and inspirational quotes. For more great inspiration follow us at 1StrongWoman.

phototoartguy: Lynx Portrait posted by permission of Mario Moreno From Mario “A portrait of an Eurasian Lynx (Lynx lynx) Image taken at Cabarceno Nature Park in Cantabria, Spain. More information about Mario: mariomorenophotog.

Through the lens

Cougar in the Forest My favorite bug cat thoughtechnically they are considered small cats (big cats roar, small cats purr, nothing to do with size). Saw a cougar?

Photographer: Jeff Dyck ~ "Fox in the Flowers" ~ "I was set-up in the long grass at the edge of the water at a local marsh trying to photograph Black Terns fishing when I heard something right behind me - startled, I turned and found this young fox walking through the grass about 6 feet from me! He moved about 20 feet past me then turned back to check me out. I had an 800mm lens mounted and was unable to get the entire fox in the shot, but ended up with this portrait." ~ Beautiful! ♥

I have foxes living in a den in the wild flower section of my garden, beautiful

'Portrait of Freddy' by DGPhotographyjax

Big Cat Freddy taken at Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary in Jacksonville, Florida. Portrait of Freddy

Let me rest my chin on you...                                                                                                                                                      More

Best Buddies Photo Contest

Raven's Breath by junctionbutte, via 500px

80 Best Award Winning Wildlife Photography examples

Ravens are one of several larger-bodied members of the genus Corvus—but in Europe and North America the Common Raven is normally implied. Raven birds have black plumage and large beaks.

phototoartguy: Hare poses Suffolk 25.3.2015 PART 2 (1) by Margaret the Novice on Flickr ☛ http://flic.kr/p/rNF3MF  Great shot  ~sandra de~Amaranthus~

Hundreds of people submitted stunning images of all creatures great and small for an international wildlife photography competition. The winner was Trev Wilson, from the West Midlands.

phototoartguy: “ animalgazing: “ malamut by Clockworkdog on Flickr. ” ”

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Hare poses Suffolk 25.3.2015 PART 2 (1)

phototoartguy: Hare poses Suffolk PART 2 by Margaret the Novice…

The more I look at you, the more I'm hungry!» | A portrait of a cool lion licking his nose which looks lovely I think. | by Tambako The Jaguar

photography Black and White vintage animal nature funny wild king of the jungle lion

Aurora by lauraferreira

Aurora by lauraferreira

Russian Photographer Takes Stunning Portraits With Real Animals - Imgur

Russian Photographer Takes Stunning Portraits With Real Animals

Russian photographer, Katerina Plotnikova created portraits with real animals , that aren’t the work of Photoshop, but real-life interactions between fearless models and dangerous wild animals.