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23 Incredible Umbrella Art Installations

23 Incredible Umbrella Art Installations. This one really should be in my decorating or garden boards because I would love to do this in my own yard. It would also be useful as a rain cover!

Regina Silveira's Magnificent Illusions

Renowned Brazilian artist Regina Silveira creates incredible illusions that play with our senses and messes with our minds. She invites the viewer see huge shadows or watch as toy cars make their messy track marks on a gallery's white walls. In Lodz, Polland, she created an installation called "Depth" where she incorporated the gallery's architecture, particularly its windows, to show a never-ending abyss one could actually walk on.

In a perfect architectural world, walls are usually flat, white, and seamlessly intersect with the wall and floor planes. Free from tolerances or cracks, generally the wall plane is designed to fad…