Edible Tea Cups

Edible Teacups... omg like from Willy Wonka.. My DREAM.

Teacups from Ice Cream Cones

Edible Flour Pots

little cups from cones

Tea cups for Tea Party birthday theme! — Children's Birthday Cakes

Mini Flower Lemon Curd Tarts Recipe - what a cute idea! Great for a tea party.. .

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Peanut butter and jelly skewers with fresh fruit! PB&J on a stick. Back to School lunch and snack ideas.

Cute Cake

Vanilla Butterfly Cupcakes- spring, Easter holiday

veggies in cups with dip...perfect for parties!

How to Make an Edible Cupcake Stand, for any holiday or birthday, so cute

Beach pudding cups!

Colorful garden party

Valentine's Ice Cream Cones

"Cute Food For Kids" Rainbow Food Ideas or Rainbow Theme Party

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ice cream cone tea cup cupcake perfect for a little girls tea party

edible tea cups