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    What meetings at the UN are really like…

    Gifts, perhaps.

    Golden Snitch Ornament

    Window washers at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. This is one of the best things I have ever seen.

    Through the key hole

    Psych. I literally like this.

    Murney Whitehurst


    Gold! USA! USA!

    Solar chargers. Awesome.

    I say this when I can't think of anything else to describe how lovely a day it is.

    My (future) daughter will probably ask this question someday...

    21 photos that will restore your faith in humanity (I cried... a little)

    Shady Cat

    Either one alone is embarrassing, but both... at the same time... cataclysmic.

    I need to do this for Selene.


    Old Can Lumieres! Really neat, I think my mom would like to have some.

    Bradicon! Takes a picture and makes it into an icon file for you. I turned my boring work computer's desktop into a map of Middle Earth using this. Thank you, Brad.

    Bluebonnets... and this picture. So, so excellent.

    You know, away from the city where the rain doesn't bring out the smell of oil and asphalt.

    Rock shaped cushions: Sweet as!

    Mini cast iron skillets?! Brilliant!

    The night sky in NZ

    Oh, the wisdom of Rush... "Serving humanity simply by showing up." -Rush Limbaugh, referring to himself.