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  • Gennie Livingston

    SPEARMINT | PLANTING: Grow in full sun - partial shade. WATERING: Prefers moist, fertile soil. USES: Strong flavor and fragrance that is released with simple bruising. It’s the best mint variety for hot & cold drinks. Toss bruised leaves into ice water for a refreshing summer drink or add to iced or sweet tea. Spearmint is favored for flavoring beverages such as mojito. Planted this @ the end of the planter farthest from the lavender & put lime mint (used for tea & key lime pie) in the middle.

  • Rachel Ryan

    Peppermint Plant

  • onion

    Spearmint growing guide

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Spearmint & sweet mint - photo only - in my garden.

Mint: Peppermint and spearmint are favorites for flavoring teas, salads, soups, and cool drinks.

Orange (Citrus) Mint I planted this in a flower pot. It smells amazing! I've been putting it in salads and in iced water. Mild enough flavor to not be overpowering but strong enough to notice and enhance the flavor of whatever you add it to.

Sweet Mint, used for headaches, muscle and nerve pain, repelling mosquitoes, boosts immune system, and helps vision. Rich in Vitamin C & A

Mint - Mint is a wonderful herb for the beginning gardener. Plant it where you don't mind if it spreads, or keep it from rambling in a container. There are many different varieties of mint to choose: unique flavors like chocolate, orange, pineapple, and classics like spearmint or peppermint. There is even a variety called 'Mojito Mint'.

Spearmint is the Quintessential Summer Herb. Read why here www.vegetablegard...

Chocolate Mint Herb, has a delightful minty chocolate flavor. Best if grown in a pot to curtail wandering ways. Loves lush damp spots

Grapefruit Mint - tastes like spearmint with a zippy tang of grapefruit. NEW | @bonnieplants

To prepare the traditional Moroccan tea, keep the following essentials in mind. The tea must be green, with a mild flavor. The mint must be fresh (absolutely not dried), and it must be spearmint. The tea is traditionally very sweet; there is always sugar in the bottom of the glasses in Morocco. The tea should be served in small glasses with several fresh mint sprigs in each glass. This recipe is excerpted from Herbs in the Kitchen by Carolyn Dille and Susan Belsinger, Interweave Press, 19...

pot, plant in spring, fertilize every few weeks, pull runners, trim flower buds before they open

Mint planted in barrels - Prevent mint plants from completely taking over the garden by planting in half-barrels or containers. Create attractive design by planting different mint variety in each container, such as orange, ginger, peppermint, spearmint, and chocolate mint. Our mint went crazy and took over the blackberries and the strawberries.

Mint - Spearmint, peppermint, and chocolate mint are just a few of the many mint varieties available. All are rapid spreaders, making them suitable as groundcovers in confined areas, such as a parking strip or an area bounded by a foundation and sidewalk. Or grow it in a container to prevent it overtaking garden neighbors. Mint prefers partial shade but tolerates full sun