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A parliament of junk art owls by Kathysgardengart

4/25/13: Today's headline's will read that I've had enough. I think I've paid my dues. The slugs have bled me. The dogs have barked. The angels have gone home. I hover around the unknown, hoping there is more because there always has been...That is what life had taught me. I am still waiting, waiting, waiting. I am still waiting.

Someone said to me that recycling uses more energy than just starting from scratch. If it doesn't seem logical, it probably isn't. Recycling saves resources and energy. That's logical.

Michael Konstantin Wolke Upcycles Found Objects to Create Beautifully Designed Furniture, Lighting, and Storage

Thanks for taking care of our World! | Let's do it! WorldCleanUp

And so this is Christmas, and look what you've done. It's really just the same stuff, and very few of us have grown. It's been a hard one to see my children grow into adults, and my parents get older, too. I love our traditions that our family has made. Never would I trade a single one of them, nor a single day.

Take Care of the Earth :: Are we losing winter? Are we losing summer? Think of all the joys the seasons bring...We don't want to lose snowfall, snow days, & snow play replaced by warm winter days, & extremely hot summer days. It may seem nice to have warmer winter days, but not worth losing winter snows, not worth excessively hot summer days, excessive rain & flooding, more hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis. Global warming is real. We can't ignore it any longer.