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REALLY important question. So important. - Page 3

Really. My pet peeve. Just put the shopping cart up people.

ENTJ - We're scary good at reading people. So if you provoke us into a rare fury we will use all the nasty little things we know about you to rip you to pieces. I NEVER expected this to be as big as it is, but I'm glad because it makes all of us take a step back and consider our priorities!

No no no. This is why we have watches, calculators, address and phone books, calendars, why do you even need to text your friend while you're at their house? Amazingly all of these things were invented before the cell phone.... This is why I hate people.

Here, Let me wash the stupid right off of you... Ahhh wait, wait... it's not coming off. =)

i love how we can look at each other and without saying anything, know we are making fun of the same person. #someecards

I swear we wont forget what you look like if you stop posting selfies on Facebook every second.