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    • Carly Nembach

      Buy a dictionary. I hate when people say "that's gay" "faggot" . That kind of stuff makes me the angriest

    • Bonnie Asay

      ... or retarded, or stupid. One of the things I bring up with my students every year. You choose to say gay? Buy a dictionary.

    • Why Not?

      TheCowlicker : and you choose ‘gay’? Buy a dictionary. My sister says this all the time! And, she doesn't think it's insulting at all. I've tried to educated here but, she's to ignorant.

    • Lolo

      That's so... heinous, hideous, foolish, corupt, idiotic, unfortunate, trashy, desplorable... and you choose gay? Buy a dictionary. Expand your vocabulary. Seriously.

    • Kelsey Andreen

      Image of 8x10" Buy a Dictionary Poster ("That's So Gay") There is also a similar poster "That's so Retarded"

    • Maeve Terry

      "So gay" ... really?! It's a remark well-designed to show the speaker's own ignorance.. And I'm not saying that as a putdown--it's just the simple truth. People who say things like this (and let's include "retarded" while we're at it. unbelievable.) are sadly uninformed--not just about human biology, but about life and decency. Time to get reading, folks. Something that helps you see the world beyond your self-centered scope. And while you're at it, buy a dictionary. (Design, Alison Rowan)

    • Samantha O'Reilly

      Folded 11x17" Buy a Dictionary Poster ("That's So Gay")

    • Ryan LaLonde

      ...and you choose gay? Buy a dictionary

    • geniusquotes genius

      Expand your vocabulary quotes

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