My sweet sweet husband does this all the time

Jam has a shirt I bought him years ago and I love that he still wears it. Makes me smile everytime.

couldn't be more thankful for those that did this for me in mexico. i will be paying it forward for life :)

Just Little Things

It's the little things that make you feel extra special

when you finally remember what you came into your room for

that feeling you get when someone kisses your neck

Just Little Things

The little things in life


just girly things

Just Little Things...this blog is awesome! Its nice to appreciate the little things in life.

Just Little Things

Appreciate, be in gratitude, of simple things, that bring great joy.

the little things...

Just Little Things

this is from an awesome list of the little things in life it makes me happy

appreciating the little things in life. So grateful! My parents are two of the sweetest people ever and the way they still love each other after all these years is Amazing!

i never want to throw them away!

the little things

...even if it's only 12 minutes...