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Best pick-up line!< um yes totally. I think I need a series of fanfic a where Toby tries pick up lines on happy just to be funny.<<yes yes yes!! pls do! i'll try to hlep if you want!<<yeah! We could do very other one. I'll post ideas on my quintis board

Jejjeje, yes was for us. And i wanted to do it for me too, like a memory of when i was young. But i couldn't i had some thoughts, worries about security and i finally didn't use tumblr. And about the massage yes i wanted. But... You know....

cowboys & cowgirls. tractors. love. country music stars. barns. back roads. trucks. horses. cowboy hats & boots. guitars. farms. plaid. country music. lyrics & quotes. football. horses. & cows southern. fields. weddings. camp fires. fishing. small...

aMj. Domiciled in PA, but half my heart is in DC and the other half is in Edinburgh. JD.  I wear a lot of pink.

I Love You to the Moon and Back, I Love You Moon Nursery, Space, Galaxy, Modern Decor 8 x 10" Print, Wall Art

I love you to the moon and back ... Yes literally ... Past the ozone layer ......past the stars ... Nebulas ... Past the black holes ... Past the galaxies ... Ok I love u past the universe and back

She has had enough bad men in her life. I am going to show her what it's like to be with someone who really wants to be with only her. And I have had enough bad women in my life to know that it is her that I want to be with.