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Tigers normally do not have friendly relations with orangutans. Tigers are carnivores, after all. But strange thing happened at Taman Safari Zoo in Indonesia.

PROD-Orangutan.jpg (810×539) orphan baby, his hand was sliced when they hacked his mom to death

jpg orphan baby, his hand was sliced when they hacked his mom to death

Orphaned orangutan in Borneo

His tufts of hair sticking straight up and with what appears to be a big smile on his wrinkled little face, this baby orangutan is ready to take on the world

suryia and roscoe - Google Search

Suryia is a primate while Roscoe is a canine, yet the pair are proof that dogs aren't just man's best friend. And now the pals from Georgetown, South Carolina, have released a picture book of their friendship.

ooh ooh ooh how cute am I?!

baby monkey~when I was a young child I went to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle.I had a kindred moment with a baby orangutan. This picture reminded me of that.

Baby Orangutan! | Cute Animals

Two week old female orangutan “Damai”, meaning peace, is cared for at the Surabaya Zoo nursery in Indonesia Picture: JUNI KRISWANTO/AFP/Getty Images (via Pictures of the day: 28 October 2011 -.

Somewhere in the middle :))

I just died! Can we all just agree that we want a baby monkey like this? Just so much cuteness for one picture!

Sweet baby Ben, orphaned orang at the Orangutan Foundation International rescue centet

The innocent victims of Palm Oil Farms in Borneo. They are burning down the…