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.... Love romance.. a true romantic. I do have a naughty side though. It comes out on my Tumblr page. NSFW This blog is me... my thoughts, things I like. I hope you enjoy it and smile. :) oh one last thing.. If you are under please leave my blog. Thanks!

Question:why do you love bacon so much? Its annoying. Anser:why do you hate on me? Are you jelous? Hater:of what, being a wierdo? Ha no. Me:no........but youre just jelous cuz you dont gawt da smarts. Hater:????? Me:DA BACON SMARTS!!!!!!!!!!!

"We'll keep working on this tomorrow" "TOMORROW WE'LL DISCOVER WHAT OUR GOD IN HEAVEN HAS IN STORE" "Just let it go, will you!" (pause) "LET IT GO! LET IT GO! I'M ONE WITH THE WIND AND SKY!"

That horrifying moment when you're looking for an adult, but you realize you are an adult. So you look around for an older adult. An adultier adult. Someone better at adulting than you.

More signs brimming with ‘WTF’ (30 Photos)

This makes me think of all the times we went tubing on the Chattahoochee River near Helen, GA growing up. LOL

Pluto will always be a planet to me, Pluto pendant, astronomy geek pendant, geekery, astrology, Scorpio necklace charm, keychain

THIS IS EXACTLY HOW I FEEL!!! Pluto pendant astronomy geek geekery by thependantemporium on Etsy, $9.25

Stunning Calico Kitten - 20th June 2016