Champagne chairs

Sparkling wine top chairs


crafty bottle caps...

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two bottle caps, some wire a bit of imagination

Mini chairs with wire, beads, buttons - DIY

Crown Royal bottle painted and sanded for home decor

Miniature wire chair made from a champagne cage. #Tutorial

Beautiful Blossoms--they are the bottoms of plastic soda bottles!! So cool! Who has time 2 think this up!!

Bottle Cap Co | Bottle Cap Craft Creative Ideas

Champagne cork pug

Tiny marshmallows.

Making Glasses


How to cut a bottle with just a string and nail polish remover...

Wine cork journaling--write down the date and the occasion you enjoyed the wine on, display in a bowl, and take a trip down memory lane every once in a while :) Really like this idea!

generic everyday value plus | accidentalcharm: I am a girl who likes her...