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  • Vivian Dickeson

    Sand rubies. Used to spend hours looking for these in elementary school.

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Weepuls! I forgot how happy these things made me in elementary school. I wish someone still gave me them when I did something good... #eighties #80s

Have to confess I didn't learn to play jacks till a boyfriend's mother taught me when I was 17.

School Yard Fortune Teller! "Pick a Color" Red! "R-E-D" "Pick a Number" 2 "1-2" "Pick another number" 7 *lifts flap* "You will Marry Ricky Schroder"

Metal school desks with lid opening and storage, though ours were always in dull aqua, not pink.

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Banares, India Automatic smile...I find as I get older, I appreciate pink more. Perhaps the Barbie association/trauma with the color is easing?

12.24 pm Friday 13th, 1927: although she wasn't the most successful member of the freak show, Adelaide the snake charmer was the politest and best behaved.

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white. cream. beige. peach. blush. pale pink. powder blue. lilac. seafoam green. gray. rust. brown.