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Clear phone that would light up when it would ring and you could turn off the ringer. I spent many nights on the phone all night!

Fisher Price Chatter Phone ~ my children played with this phone back in the early 70's until my son started swinging it around in the air one day, and broke the hand-painted chandelier in the den of our 1901 Victorian house in Portsmouth, VA. Dad was not pleased !

I can remember when touchtone became the new high tech! We had a lime green one.

My first cell phone. Not only could you change the cover.. You could change the buttons too!! <3

Playing Snake on a green-screened Nokia phone. | 25 Things That Were Totally Normal In 1999

I believe the color was called "Goldenrod Yellow?" Complete with matching fridge & stove.

Rotary phone...we had a green one in the beach cabin which probably lies in the bottom of the bay now! Thanks Ike! ; (

In the late 80's, every girl had to have one of these phones.

Oh my gosh...Jen and I loved this game! I must find one for Mikayla's collection :) Old school games are the best!

Beepers/Pagers. Important people like doctors used these. Answering service would beep them which meant they were to find a phone and call for important message.