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    • Elysea Wollner

      Summer hair idea! Fun and colorful yarn in a fishtail braid

    • Lauren Brown

      long hair idea

    • Elyse Clarke

      Colorful Hair Ideas!

    • Warm Fuzzies

      Cute idea yarn braided into fishtail braid!

    • Sarah Halasz

      This is almost the exact same fishtail braid as before....but, with a twist. Yarn, yeah you heard me, this hair style features yarn. I actually Love this look. I loved it from when I first saw it. This is how to stand out, in a positive way of coarse. The best part.....Its customize-able, you pick the yarn, but personally I like the colors they used. I just want everybody to have fun and enjoy this:)

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    hair braid halo how to! i don't know if my hair in all it's layers will do it, but i'd sure like to try!

    Cute and simple everyday half-updo *For the bridesmaids* I believe this is my favorite :)

    braid inspo. OMG I do fishtails all the time but wow that is gonna take some time for how intricate the hair pieces are. My arms would for sure fall off!

    Stuff can be replaced. Our greatest treasures are things like kindness, contentment, compassion,and serenity. Give them and seek them to feel their richness. ~Charlotte (PixieWinksAndFairyWhispers)

    I don't just like her outfit, I like the attitude about her. She has a sweetness in her mien, don't you think?

    Love this!!! Wish my hair was long enough to do that!

    Everyone will think this easy braided headband required a lot of effort. | 17 Ways To Never Have A Bad Hair Day Again

    Has anyone ever seen this before?! This is such a great idea! #copper hair tubes over a simple braid. I #love it!!