tulips, tulips, tulips!

Tulip field, Netherlands

Pink tulip field in Hejlskov, Midtjylland, Denmark by Jan Weigand on Flickr

Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival, Oregon

If everything happened when and how we wanted it to, nothing would ever be worth waiting for

Keukenhof Gardens located in Lisse, Netherlands is the second-largest garden in the world, covering 79 acres, open only 8 weeks out of the year

Looks like the 'valley' in Oregon - maybe around Brownsville, Oregon's first state capitol.

Beautiful Field Of Pink Tulips (ooh! so pretty!)

Tulips |ॐ| There is a field of flowers like this that mists over in the mornings because of a local creek near Hueran's plantation house in Amorto. He has many memories here.

I'm always surprised at how pretty tulips are

Tulip Field, Mt. Vernon Washington

I have never been to the #Netherlands during tulip season, I would love to go and see the seas of flowers and colors, such beauty!

.I would love my future husband to send me a bouquet of tulips everyday. It would be fun to have a tulip farm one day....

One moment in the valley the next in a field of flowers. That is how amazing God is! Don't give up Beauty is near.~Michelle Martin

Holland, windmills & tulips...one of the great sights you can see on an Avalon River Cruise 8 days starting at $2,329.00 per person! Toll Free 855.297.9801

Gorgeous Sunset

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Tulip field, Mount Vernon, Washington USA

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Tulip field sunset, Skagit Valley, Washington

Wow! So beautiful.