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(Cartoon, "The Dirty Pool of Politics," The Bancroft Library, ) Why would suffragists depict themselves like the woman in this cartoon? Why would they choose to show themselves fighting these particular monsters? Click the cartoon to watch historian TJ Boisseau analyze this image!

The History of American Wars - Veterans Day #Veterans

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Woman Suffrage Postcard - Votes for Women Suffragette Man Feeding Baby

Anti-suffrage postcard -- the wife's participation in suffrage campaign is already ruining the poor husband's life - how terrible will things get if she can actually vote?

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Drive In Movie Theater Memories

Drive In Movie Theater Memories, my favorite time at the movies, mmm hotdogs...

An amazing collection of "suffragist" postcards used to present women’s full political participation as threatening. "Suffragists", the postcards tell us, "cause women to abandon their household duties and become aggressive and unladylike"

In the Ukraine, a country where females are victims of sexual trafficking and gender oppression, a new tribe of empowered women is emerging. Calling themselves the “Asgarda”, the women seek complete autonomy from men. ...the tribe is comprised of 150 women of varying ages. Reviving the tribal traditions of the Scythian Amazons.... the Asgarda train in martial arts, taught by former Soviet karate master, Volodymyr Stepanovytch, and learn life skills and sciences in order to become ideal…

From a collection of French photos in 1902, "Women of the Future". She's a lawyer, by the way.

Lucy Stone - determined that men were reading the Bible in a way to suppress women, she worked her way through school to learn Greek and Latin to prove them wrong. Kept her last name, chopped her hair off, scandalously wore precursors to pants, was kicked out of church for arguing that women had the right to own property and to be able to divorce abusive alcoholic husbands. Considered a true radical for her time, she spoke in public frequently and headed multiple prominent womens…