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    Healthy oils: olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, avocado oil, red palm oil, flax seed oil, lard, ghee (clarified butter)

    • Marilyn

      You may already be using coconut oil as an alternative cooking oil (or at least have thought about it), but there are good reasons to consider it for your daily beauty routine as well. In the video above by Prevention, we learn about six easy beau...

    • Kristi Navarre

      Great article on the benefits of coconut oil. We use coconut oil for most cooking, and EVOO for salads and dips. Plus it TASTES GREAT!

    • Amy Pendergrass-Coor

      Coconut Oil- not only do I cook with it, but I put it on my face at night. It's great at moisturizing and preventing acne. Goodbye $20 night cream! Also takes the itch away from bites/stings.

    • Sara M

      Smart Fuel: Coconut Oil. Tasy, versatile, healthy! Use for baking, sauteing, and deep frying, or eat cold in smoothies and more.

    • Lisa Leake | 100 Days of Real Food

      coconut_oil_is_real_food #100daysofrealfood #kelapococonutoil #coconutoil #realfood #healthy

    • Mary Bayne

      Hair Mask Recipes for Damaged Hair: Hot Oil Treatment for Hair (That You Make Yourself!)

    • Amy Young

      DIY Natural Hair Color, the Many Uses of Coconut Oil & More

    • Sue Shep

      Coconut Oil is 100 Days of Real Food Approved

    • Gina Bebis

      A few years back I came across one of nature’s true wonder foods. Not only is this delicious and healthy food at the foundation of many traditional recipes, it is readily available both on and offline, is exceptional value for money, and has been proven to elevate your metabolism, boost both short and long-term energy, and strengthen your immune system. If that’s not a wonder food, I don’t know what is! I’m talking about extra virgin, organic coconut oil – one of the most important  staples of my pantry. It’s perfect for cooking any meat or poultry, and is wonderful for making Thai-inspired curries (coconut milk is also really great for this, always organic please). I buy my coconut oil and milk online from 10 Reasons Why You Ought To Include Coconut Oil In Your Diet 1. Coconut oil is good fat at it’s best. It’s 92% saturated fat but not the scary stuff. In it’s pure organic state the saturated fat in coconut oil is made up of medium-chain-fatty-acids which are shuttled directly to your liver. 2. What happens to this fat in your liver? It becomes an instant source of increased energy. 3. Not to mention a quick and lasting metabolism boost .. 4. Due to it’s anti-inflammatory properties coconut oil will protect you against common flu’s and colds and may even assist in fighting more serious ailments. See the testimonial below – it was sent to me by a good friend of my mother’s and is a great testament to the real-life wonders of coconut oil. 5. Coconut oil is fantastic for your skin when you eat it but it also works pretty darn good straight on the surface. I sometimes use it as a hair repair treatment by leaving some in the ends of my strangly locks during hot yoga. 6. Coconut oil is among the most stable oils you can cook with, meaning it won’t go rancid even at extremely high temperatures. 7. Adding a teaspoon of coconut oil to each meal is a sure-fire way to stay fuller for longer and avoid sweet cravings later on. 8. In the book Eat Fat, Lose Fat (one of my most re-read books!) several women talk about the inclusion of coconut oil in their diet as having completely removed their cellulite! (I’ve worked with clients who have commented on a reduction in cellulite from coconut oil)...

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    Eating Clean: Cooking with no refined oils. Avoid vegetable oil, soybean oil, corn oil, canola oil, grape seed oil, hydrogenated oils, margarine, "refined" "hydrogenated" or "partially-hydrogenated" oils. Recommended oils & fats: coconut oil, raw/organic cultured butter, olive oil, red palm oil, sesame oil, flaxseed oil, lard, ghee, tallow, avocado oil.

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