Race Cars - mini candy bar, M and teddy grahams

Edible Tiny Teddy Racing Cars!

Kid Snack

apple + grape cars #lunchlove

Fish bowl cake pops...I am only serving sugar!

spring lunch! #provestra

Dip it, burst it, fill it, eat it. Perfect

Formula One race car, made out of Oreos, Hershey bars, sour candy strips, candy berries, Snickers, and more. :-)

Fruit car

Teddy bear race cars made from small candy bars and teddy grahams - this site has lots of ideas for serving specially shaped fun food for children. It is a good site to remember!

Giraffe Sandwich

Sprite and gummy bears... this is so happening this summer!

Fruit Car. Perfect for a race car party.

Teddy Graham Swimming Pool. Blue jello, life saver gummies and teddy grahams. winnie the pooh pool party idea

Cute fall snacks

Easy realistic school lunch ideas!

Sugar cookie + reeses pieces + fruit rollup...yummy and adorable for Thanksgiving!

Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes. Ray is making these and they are going to be AMAZING. We've never had this much liquor in the house at one time before! (3/16/13)

Christmas party food - Such a cute idea for kids! Mini Milky Ways, mini Candy Canes, Tiny Teddies and a little bit of melted chocolate. Use the melted chocolate to glue the Candy Canes to the bottom of the Milky Ways, allow to set. Turn over and gently squish the tiny teddy in the top.

Teddy bears at the beach - blue jello, spoon some vanilla pudding on top to look like the sand (maybe sprinkle graham cracker crumbs on there too), add a few gummy bears, and finish with an umbrella. Cute!

.J E L L O! - cute idea for a kids party