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Drawing Reference:  These are definitely not exactly accurate but it gives you the jist of it.

20 Gymnastic Moves Explained in the Best Way Ever

These are definitely not exactly accurate but thats alright give the jist of it. I think the most acurate of the cheer moves was the back walkover and back handspring

This is will be me on class

pierce the veil funny pictures - Oh yes. Just give them tacos and imagine living like a king someday xD

Buzz Light Year Rave Bra by PasseDesigns on Etsy, $125.00

Buzz Light Year Rave Bra and Bottoms Rave Outfit by PasseDesigns

Barn doors

The knotty alder wood of this barn door adds so much character to a bedroom, living room or kitchen. Everything you'll need for an easy installation is included in this kit, including the unfinished wood door slab and the sliding door hardware. by Lapon

Free Stunt Guide - Kate Boyd Cheerleading

The judges. The judges say I'm not perfect Selena. I'd like to see you compete and then ask whos not perfect.

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