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Colorado Extension Service:  flavored oils and vinegar - how to make and how to store - garlic in oil (like pesto) will go rancid and grow e-coli if you keep it too long: use fresh, freeze, or refrigerate and use within 10 days

Drip Irrigation for Home Gardens—Colorado State University Extension

Among the cool season vegetables there are five that live from one growing season to the next and are known as perennials. They are asparagus, chives, horseradish, rhubarb and shallots. Once established, these vegetables can produce for many years.

Plantalk Colorado - Herb gardening in Colorado (If you go to the homepage you'll get so much more than herbs)

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Preserving Summer’s Bounty: Recipes and Tutorials to Keep You Busy Until Thanksgiving AWESOME ideas, tutorials & recipes for canning, dehydrating & the like.

The 20 Best Xeriscape Plants for Colorado

Xeriscape Plants for Colorado // lot-lines

The Importance of Washing Fresh Produce.

Colorado Farm to Table, providing food safety resources to commercial and home growers, retailers and food service workers, consumers, and high-risk audiences.

Freezing Fresh Lemon Juice and Lime Juice is one of my favorite kitchen tricks, and it helps me use every lemon in those big bags you get a...

Freezing Fresh Lemon Juice and Lime Juice: How and Why I Do It

pinner says Freezing Fresh Lemon Juice and Lime Juice: How and Why I Do It. This post will show you why the current lime shortage hasn't been an issue for me; I still have several jars of frozen lime juice to get me through it! [from Kalyn's Kitchen]

12 ways to help you eat well and spend less (Recipe: Buttermilk Dressing) | Simple Bites

Eat Well, Spend Less: How to Store Pantry Food for Maximum Shelf Life. I'm going to start implementing containerization in my home. Looking forward to a better looking frugal pantry.

20 best xeriscape plants for Colorado - Coral Bells

The 20 Best Xeriscape Plants for Colorado - spanish gold broom

Xeriscaping in Colorado....yarrow, penstemon, hyssop, jupiters beard....I miss all these plants from my old garden! Must plant them again : )

Xeriscaping with yarrow, penstemon, hyssop, jupiter's beard.

The 20 Best Xeriscape Plants for Colorado. Hmmm, Colorado, Utah, they could kind of be the same sometimes, I mean as far as climate....

Fernbush - Chamaebatiaria millefolium Fernbush is a medium sized shrub with interesting fern-like leaves that persist throughout the winter. This shrub requires